Tessell Side Table

The Tessell Side Table is an exercise in craft, patiently made by hand and available in various options.

This one is a collaborative concept by Chaumette, glass-smith Heidi Gouws, and furniture crafter Andrew Dominic.

The table legs and frame are available in ebonised Oak, plain Oak and Walnut.

The mosaic tops come in a few designs and we offer 3 here.

Other tops currently in development include marble with a brass inlay and also a Kintsugi-style ceramic top… we’ll be featuring these on our website soon.

The Tessell is also available in many sizes including coffee table size.

This one measures 450mm high and is approximately 420mm in diameter.

The Tessell comes flat-packed for easy transporting.


Tessel Table (450mm x 420mm) R7 190