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Ghost Bowl

Conceptualised by Chaumette and crafted by talented ceramicist Colin Braye, this curvaceous bowl is beautifully proportioned.

Available with matte black glazed top and raw terracotta base or vice versa.

It measures 300mm in diameter and is just over 160mm high.

Add an understated touch of style to your table or server.


Gost Bowl (300mm x 160mm) R2 399

Mpho Trays

Get organised, Ndebele style! These metal and timber storage trays are ideal for your desk or dressing table.

Designed by Mpho Vackier, they borrow from the colourful, geometric patterns common to the Southern African Ndebele culture. The metal trays are available in the 3 colours featured, namely Charcoal, Sand and Blush, whilst Kiaat is used for the timber ones.


L-shape plus Semi-Circle R865
Diamond plus 2 Triangles R550
Stepped Tray plus 1 Triangle R675
Semi-circles metal and wood R420

Smart Shopper Bag

The perfect, everyday shopper is always hard to find.

Here’s a solution designed by Chaumette, and produced by one of Cape Town’s highly skilled leathersmiths.

It’s made with 100% leather in contrasting shades of hand-dyed black and tan leathers and crafted in Ryjaan Abrahams’ specialist workshop.

The bag measures 385mm high by 420mm wide by 120mm wide.


Leather Bags R2 799

The bag is fully lined in soft leather and contains a zipped compartment.

Stacking Stool 1

Drawing on the cultural practice of stacking – common in African totems and jewellery – this is a distinctly atypical seating option. Faceted, vertical planes offer a perch for weary bottoms, feet or that much-needed, end-of-day whisky.

Stacking Stool 1 is part of a series of 3 designs and this one measures 440mm high by 349mm in diameter.


Stacking Stool (price depending on combination of circular disks) from R7 999

Tessell Side Table

The Tessell Side Table is an exercise in craft, patiently made by hand and available in various options.

This one is a collaborative concept by Chaumette, glass-smith Heidi Gouws, and furniture crafter Andrew Dominic.

The table legs and frame are available in ebonised Oak, plain Oak and Walnut.

The mosaic tops come in a few designs and we offer 3 here.

Other tops currently in development include marble with a brass inlay and also a Kintsugi-style ceramic top… we’ll be featuring these on our website soon.

The Tessell is also available in many sizes including coffee table size.

This one measures 450mm high and is approximately 420mm in diameter.

The Tessell comes flat-packed for easy transporting.


Tessel Table (450mm x 420mm) R7 190

Wes Photo Frames

Handcrafted in Wessel Snyman’s Johannesburg workshop, these photo blocks, in plain Kiaat, ebonised Kiaat and plain Oak, also feature a metal colour ring and brass screw recessed within the frame as a detail on each corner.

The WES Photo Frame is perfect for preserving cherished memories and is available in two sizes: medium and large.


Medium (150mm x 100mm*) R730
Large (210mm x 150mm*) R890

*Measurements refer to the inside picture size